Important Things to Know About Overseas Car Shipping

Important Things to Know About Overseas Car Shipping

Every day of the year someone from the United States moves to another country somewhere around the world. When you find yourself in need of relocating to a new country, there are many things you may want to know about having your personal car shipped to the country with you. Dependable Auto Shippers has prepared a short list of the most commonly asked questions in the overseas car shipping business today. Here are five of the top questions asked by consumers just like you:

1. Can I travel on the same ship that my car ships on?

Ships that are designed to transport cars overseas are not designed to carry passengers. Unfortunately, with as secure as your car will be during shipment, there are no rooms on board the ship to accommodate you or your personal luggage. You will need to book a flight or a passenger ship to the country you are relocating to and can meet your car at the entry port when it arrives in the country.

2. Can I load my personal belongings inside of my car?

If you are shipping your car on a RORO ship you will have to empty of the car of any personal belongings for the shipping process. If you are using enclosed/containerized shipping for your car you will be able to load your car as full as possible for shipping overseas. You will need to make sure the front driver’s side is empty as it will need to be driven into the container for shipping. You will also have to check with customs to find out what personal items, if any, will not be allowed entry to the country you are moving to. You cannot load anything flammable, liquids or weapons inside of your car during shipment. Containers, as well as the cars within them, are thoroughly checked by customs officials and having any content inside that is not allowed for transport can cause your car to be seized.

3. Does the Size of My Car Affect Pricing?

The short answer to this question is yes, car size will affect pricing. Smaller compact car models are generally less expensive to ship than larger SUV’s and trucks are. This can vary though depending on how your car is being shipped. You will need to speak to your overseas car shipping representative to gain more insight on how the size of your car can affect shipping costs.

4. Will I have to pay customs fees or shipping taxes?

If it seems as if we have to pay taxes or fees on everything we do in life, then it should be no surprise that customs fees and taxes must be paid when shipping a car overseas. Fees range in price from one country to another and are often based on your personal residential status at the time of import into the new country. You can talk to your overseas shipping representative for detailed information on fees and taxes that you will be required to pay when moving your car to a new country outside of the United States.

5. Do I have to take the car to the exit port?

In today’s mobilized world, most companies will work closely with you to pick your car up right at your front door if that is where you want it picked up. They can also make arrangements with you to have your car delivered to you at your physical address in the new country if you do not want, or will not be able to drive it home on your own. You may have to be at the entry port when the car arrives, depending on the country you are in, to sign customs paperwork and be present for a physical car inspection, but even then you can have it delivered to your new residence once the inspection is over.

If you are moving for a long distance the best way to lessen the stress during a move is to hire apartment movers or special commercial movers. There are full service moving companies that can help you with moving not only your car but all your personal belongings. But be patient because usually you should hire two different companies for this purpose. We hope these quick answers have been beneficial to your own personal shipping questions. If you would like to learn more about shipping a car overseas, please see our FAQ section for answers to many questions pertaining to international car shipping.

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