How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

How much does it cost to ship a car? This question may be asked of just anyone who may be looking to purchase a new vehicle, are moving across the country or perhaps you bought the car as a gift for your daughter who has moved to a different state and want to surprise her. The price to ship a vehicle within the United States can vary on a couple of different factors such as the time of year, size of the vehicle, shipping method, and the distance traveled. The price can also vary between companies, but finding the cheapest does not mean finding the best and when you ship something as valuable as a vehicle, the cost, manner and care taken to ship your car should be considered.

When Shipping A Car, Size Matters

The biggest factor in shipping a vehicle is the size; the smaller the car, the less room it will take up on a shipping trailer. The second factor is also the route that a trucker may take. If it is a popular route, such as a main interstate, you will pay less money as the route is frequently traveled, but if you live off the beaten path, it will cost you more to obtain your vehicle.

Some auto shipping companies will also charge you extra if you request your car to be transported in a covered carrier versus a carrier that is open. This option is up to your comfort of course, as road debris can hit your car and cause various nicks and scratches as it travels across the country. Another option to consider is shipping method as you may have the choice to ship via a truck and trailer, or via a combination of freight train and truck and trailer. A train may reach the destination faster where as a truck will take longer to make the route. You also may want to avoid shipping over holidays and weekends if you can, as these factors can also add to the cost of shipping.

Old VS New Car Shipping

The last factor to take into consideration is the function of the vehicle as well as if the car is a classic model. Classic cars tend to cost more due to insurance reasons and fully operating vehicles will cost less as it is easier for the moving company to load the vehicle onto the trailer, where a non-operating vehicle they cannot. Special tools and circumstances will add to the cost to ship.

So How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

When it is all said and done, you may be looking for an average shipping cost around $600-1500 dollars depending on the variables stated above. If you are shipping overseas, the cost can easily double since there is more involved. The same can go if you are shipping to Canada or Mexico as the truckers have to abide by customs and crossing a border is always a hassle. The price may be a bit lower; depending on the company you go with as well as how local you may be shipping. Be sure to do a bit of shopping around before you decide, as you want to ensure your vehicle arrives safely, and within your budget.

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