Important Things to Know About Overseas Car Shipping

Important Things to Know About Overseas Car Shipping

Every day of the year someone from the United States moves to another country somewhere around the world. When you find yourself in need of relocating to a new country, there are many things you may want to know about having your personal car shipped to the country with you. Dependable Auto Shippers has prepared a short list of the most commonly asked questions in the overseas car shipping business today. Here are five of the top questions asked by consumers just like you:

1. Can I travel on the same ship that my car ships on?

Ships that are designed to transport cars overseas are not designed to carry passengers. Unfortunately, with as secure as your car will be during shipment, there are no rooms on board the ship to accommodate you or your personal luggage. You will need to book a flight or a passenger ship to the country you are relocating to and can meet your car at the entry port when it arrives in the country.

2. Can I load my personal belongings inside of my car?

If you are shipping your car on a RORO ship you will have to empty of the car of any personal belongings for the shipping process. If you are using enclosed/containerized shipping for your car you will be able to load your car as full as possible for shipping overseas. You will need to make sure the front driver’s side is empty as it will need to be driven into the container for shipping. You will also have to check with customs to find out what personal items, if any, will not be allowed entry to the country you are moving to. You cannot load anything flammable, liquids or weapons inside of your car during shipment. Containers, as well as the cars within them, are thoroughly checked by customs officials and having any content inside that is not allowed for transport can cause your car to be seized.

3. Does the Size of My Car Affect Pricing?

The short answer to this question is yes, car size will affect pricing. Smaller compact car models are generally less expensive to ship than larger SUV’s and trucks are. This can vary though depending on how your car is being shipped. You will need to speak to your overseas car shipping representative to gain more insight on how the size of your car can affect shipping costs.

4. Will I have to pay customs fees or shipping taxes?

If it seems as if we have to pay taxes or fees on everything we do in life, then it should be no surprise that customs fees and taxes must be paid when shipping a car overseas. Fees range in price from one country to another and are often based on your personal residential status at the time of import into the new country. You can talk to your overseas shipping representative for detailed information on fees and taxes that you will be required to pay when moving your car to a new country outside of the United States.

5. Do I have to take the car to the exit port?

In today’s mobilized world, most companies will work closely with you to pick your car up right at your front door if that is where you want it picked up. They can also make arrangements with you to have your car delivered to you at your physical address in the new country if you do not want, or will not be able to drive it home on your own. You may have to be at the entry port when the car arrives, depending on the country you are in, to sign customs paperwork and be present for a physical car inspection, but even then you can have it delivered to your new residence once the inspection is over.

If you are moving for a long distance the best way to lessen the stress during a move is to hire apartment movers or special commercial movers. There are full service moving companies that can help you with moving not only your car but all your personal belongings. But be patient because usually you should hire two different companies for this purpose. We hope these quick answers have been beneficial to your own personal shipping questions. If you would like to learn more about shipping a car overseas, please see our FAQ section for answers to many questions pertaining to international car shipping.

Car Transport: So Easy, Your Grandmother Could Do It!

Car Transport: So Easy, Your Grandmother Could Do It!

Car transport doesn’t have to be quite as complicated as some people make it out to be; nor does it have to be associated with the idea of tossing your car keys to a complete stranger. Instead, using a car transport company should feel as if you are lifting a great weight off of your shoulders- that weight of course being the idea of you having to single-handedly drive your personal vehicle across several states just to get where you are going.

Whether you are going on vacation or relocating for a career change, car transport companies are out there to save you money and earn your trust. And, contrary to popular belief, finding a reputable company and actually going through the process of having your vehicle shipped is not nearly as difficult as you might think. In fact, if you research the various car transport companies that are out there and fin one that is reputable, the entire process of shipping your vehicle should take no time at all and be a seamless, quick and easy process. It’s so easy that even your grandmother would be able to do it; and in fact, mine has!

When my grandmother wanted to head from New York to Florida during the colder winter months, she took to driving herself down there (as did most of the snowbirds back then). However, it wasn’t long before she began to dread the car ride almost as much as she dreaded the first signs of cold weather. So, after discussing it with some of her friends, she decided to research car transport companies to see what they had to offer. Her dilemma was that she would be spending a few months at her condo in Florida but didn’t want to spend an astronomical amount of money on renting a car for that period of time. Instead, she wanted to be able to have her own car so that she would feel more comfortable driving around.

All it took was one brief phone call for her to arrange a time, date and place for her car to be picked up. A couple of days after she had her vehicle picked up from her house in New York, she was on a two hour flight to sunny, Florida where her car sat waiting for her at her condo. Yes, it really is this easy!

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

How much does it cost to ship a car? This question may be asked of just anyone who may be looking to purchase a new vehicle, are moving across the country or perhaps you bought the car as a gift for your daughter who has moved to a different state and want to surprise her. The price to ship a vehicle within the United States can vary on a couple of different factors such as the time of year, size of the vehicle, shipping method, and the distance traveled. The price can also vary between companies, but finding the cheapest does not mean finding the best and when you ship something as valuable as a vehicle, the cost, manner and care taken to ship your car should be considered.

When Shipping A Car, Size Matters

The biggest factor in shipping a vehicle is the size; the smaller the car, the less room it will take up on a shipping trailer. The second factor is also the route that a trucker may take. If it is a popular route, such as a main interstate, you will pay less money as the route is frequently traveled, but if you live off the beaten path, it will cost you more to obtain your vehicle.

Some auto shipping companies will also charge you extra if you request your car to be transported in a covered carrier versus a carrier that is open. This option is up to your comfort of course, as road debris can hit your car and cause various nicks and scratches as it travels across the country. Another option to consider is shipping method as you may have the choice to ship via a truck and trailer, or via a combination of freight train and truck and trailer. A train may reach the destination faster where as a truck will take longer to make the route. You also may want to avoid shipping over holidays and weekends if you can, as these factors can also add to the cost of shipping.

Old VS New Car Shipping

The last factor to take into consideration is the function of the vehicle as well as if the car is a classic model. Classic cars tend to cost more due to insurance reasons and fully operating vehicles will cost less as it is easier for the moving company to load the vehicle onto the trailer, where a non-operating vehicle they cannot. Special tools and circumstances will add to the cost to ship.

So How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

When it is all said and done, you may be looking for an average shipping cost around $600-1500 dollars depending on the variables stated above. If you are shipping overseas, the cost can easily double since there is more involved. The same can go if you are shipping to Canada or Mexico as the truckers have to abide by customs and crossing a border is always a hassle. The price may be a bit lower; depending on the company you go with as well as how local you may be shipping. Be sure to do a bit of shopping around before you decide, as you want to ensure your vehicle arrives safely, and within your budget.

How car transport is changing the face of transportation

How car transport is changing the face of transportation

Car transport has been around for quite some time and has helped to aid various companies and corporations in their car shipping needs. However, it is only within recent years that car shipping has taken a turn towards the mainstream with regards to becoming a more viable option for everyday users.

Today, millions of people take advantage of all that car transport has to offer. From extended vacations, snowbird travel, job relocations and kids who are going away to college, car transport is a part of it all. Perhaps even better news is the fact that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, the sheer number of auto transport companies that have popped up within the last decade have helped to create a more competitive industry where car shipping is involved.

Car transport companies are now able to offer lower rates, which fit in neatly to  your budget without sacrificing the quality of your overall car shipping experience. But before you rest on any one company for your car transport needs, it is always best to do a little legwork first. Because there are numerous car shipping companies at your disposal, this means that there will be more companies to look through and ask questions of before you turn over your car keys and call it a day.

And while most car transport companies work remotely, it still doesn’t hurt to see if there is a local shipper nearby so that you can visit them or have any concerns addressed. Because of car transport, the United States is a more mobile place than ever. Now, if you want to bring your personal vehicle with you on your next vacation across the country, you can. Needless to say, the auto shipping experience, from start to finish, is usually a pretty seamless, worry-free one…provided you’ve done all of your research ahead of time.

4 Tips for avoiding car buying scams

4 Tips for avoiding car buying scams

Whenever you move to purchase a vehicle, there is always an inherent risk involved. For instance, most people who purchase vehicles off of places such as eBay will often enlist the services of a car transport  or car shipping company versus drive all the way out to purchase the vehicle and drive it back themselves.

The same could be said for those people who purchase unique vehicles such as those from antique car shows or classic car shows. Therefore, the following tips offer car buyers some tips and advice for avoiding scams when purchasing a vehicle:

DON’T FINANCE AT THE DEALER. This is especially true if you have poor credit. Instead, line up your own financing options, or at least know what they are prior to going purchasing a vehicle, this way you will have something to compare it to.

KNOW YOUR CREDIT SCORE. When you are at a car dealership, unscrupulous car salespeople will sometimes try to play mind games with you when it comes to your credit score. This is why it pays to know exactly what your credit score is before hand. You could even print out copies of your credit score and bring it with you if need be. Regardless, no one else should know more about your credit score than you.

AVOID TRADING IN YOUR CAR. This applies to those who have not yet paid off their current car before they intend to purchase a new one. Prior to purchasing another vehicle, if you are planning on getting rid of your current vehicle, and you still owe money on it, then you should try to trade it in ONLY after you have paid it off yourself first. Once you do that, obtain the title from your lender, and THEN you can feel free to trade it in or sell it privately. If you do purchase a new car  and have traded in a vehicle for which you still owe money on, make sure you get it in writing from the dealer that your vehicle will be paid off in 10 days; otherwise, walk away.

GET YOUR WARRANTY AGREEMENT IN WRITING. Avoid the all too common “forced warranty” scam by having the dealership (or whomever you’re purchasing the vehicle from) put it in writing that the warranty “is required to be approved for your loan”. Often times, dealerships will prey upon people with bad credit or those who are simply naive by making them believe that a warranty is required. Another way to avoid this is to avoid financing at the dealer if you have poor credit. Instead, finance your vehicle online or through a credit union.